Baby kabosu Inu is here to support Mother of all Memes Kabosu Inu by buying Kabosu tokens and distributing back to holders.

3% Kabosu Inu Rewards
2% Marketing Funds
1% Deployer Funds
Dedication to Baby Kabosu inu for all the doge & meme lovers
1. Buy Ethereum from an exchange (Coinbase/Binance etc)

2. Install a wallet such as Metamask/Trust Wallet

3. Send Ethereum to your wallet address.

4. Connect wallet to uniswap, and paste the contract address in.

5. Use 5-10% Slippage so your purchase goes through.

6. HOLD! Baby Kabosu Inu, Contract: 0xff9d96a145c6db06a2de978f743edcf83eb59e74